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School History

The Zamindar’s Higher Secondary School was founded on 21st Feb 1941 in Thuraiyur, Trichy District, Tamilnadu during Pre-Independence period. This was the first Educational (Temple) center in this domain and the First block was inaugurated by the former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu - Thiru K. KAMARAJ on 22-Aug-1968.

Vidwan N. SUBBU B.Sc., B.T became the first Headmaster of the school. The school opened with a section each in the I Form, II Form, III Form and IV Form, one section was added year after year and in 1944 the High school came in to being. Sri. M.S. NATESA IYER joined the second Head master of the school. Sri. V. RENGASAMY evinced interest in learning the nuances of administration from M.S. NATESA IYER. Sri .V. RENGASAMY served as headmaster for 25 years since 1963–1988.

Growth and Development

The Quality of education fascinated parents and admission grew fast 2 sections each in the six classes speeded up the growth. The management housed the classes in sheds put up in their private site in the residential area. With personal care the management constructed 6 tiled sheds in the play ground in the slowly and steadily constructed additional sections.

Nobel Gesture of the Management

New appointments became necessary every year. The Management struck to the principle of recruiting superannuated teacher and untrained graduates in the ratio 1:1. So that the fresh blood could imbibe the rich experience of the past generation and take up the service in to a deep sense of devotion. Mr. V.J. AVADHANI received the Best Teacher Award from Tamilnadu Government. He is the First Teacher from our school who received the Prestigious Award from the Tamilnadu Governor P.B. PATWARI. Sri. V. RENGASAMY, V.J. AVADHANI, Ch. SUBBU, S. NATARAJAN, K. NALLUSAMY, P. VENKATACHALAM, N. SOWNDARA RAJAN, N. RAMARAJ who were some the pillars of the Zamindar’s Higher Secondary School.

A MileStone

Our school had taken the responsibility to conduct the District annual sports in our grounds – outside the Trichy for the first time in a grand manner. A State Minister was the Chief Guest. The Physical Directors of the city schools (Including Anglo Indian Schools) admired the grand arrangement and for the first time appreciated the magnitude of Zamindar’s High School. Thus the school gained a new image at District Level. The Inspectorate also reckoned the genuine worth of the institution.

Sri V. RENGASAMY had been training a contingent of the NCC (Junior Air Wing) and Own State Level recognition for the school.

The first batch of SSLC students passed out in the year 1946 and subsequently the first batch of Higher Secondary students passed out in the year 1979–1980.

The year 1992 saw the gala function of the “GOLDEN JUBILEE” for 2 days celebrations. In the year 2002 “DIAMOND JUBILEE” function was also celebrated for 3 days.

Today it provides education for about 2562 Students with about 87 teaching and non-teaching staff. There are 32 sections from VI to X in both Tamil and English medium. In the higher secondary level we have seven groups in both Tamil and English medium.

Extracurricular Activities

Football , Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Ball badminton, Throw ball, Beach Volleyball, Netball, Hand ball, Carom, Chess, Yoga, Athletic activities, NSS, NCC, JRC, Scout, Consumer Club, Green corps, Interact club, Red ribbon club are the extracurricular activities offered currently.

As a lighthouse on a tall cliff, rising above the laboring clouds, will shed beams of rays, Eternal sun shine resting on it and march majestically for the “PLATINUM JUBILEE”.

Founder’s History

The Illustrious Visionary Twins Sri P.V. Venkatachala Durai B.A., B.L., and Sri P.M. Venkatachala Durai B.A., B.L., of Turaiyur Zamin family were hailed “Enlightened Theosophists” during the annual theosophical conventions in Adiyar. Many admired their principle way of life as practical spiritual aspirants. Sri P.M. Venkatachala Durai B.A., B.L., founder of the school was born on 10-Jun-1900.

In the forties no private agency came forward to establish a high school in the vast stretch between board high school Perambalur and the board high school Musiri covering the distance of 40 miles.

The above visionary twins discerned the semi-urban potentiality of Turaiyur and donated 15 acres of potential land in Turaiyur extension area overlooking the Perumal Hills, forming Trust of their own.

A true Theosophist Sri P.M. Venkatachala Durai took it a YAGNYA or YOGA to run the school as very meaning of life. He spent every moment in the development of the school. He opened a student’s Co-operative stores; those were the days when various publishers marketed the text books. The discount was properly accounted and the benefit was passed on the students. He passed away on 14-Feb-1962.

Sri M.V. Natarajan became the new Correspondent, the staff pledged their loyalty in all its dimension.

The new correspondent of third generation took the reins. The present many-sided development of the school with computerization bears ample testimony to the accumulated ability realistic view and the vibrant dynamism of the correspondent Sri N. MUTHUKUMAR. He developed the size and quality of infrastructure of the school at a huge cost. He is mercy with poor and special children and donates them liberally.